Let’s Learn

let’s Become techno-Learners After learning Robotics from our Workhops.

Let’s Tinker

After Learning Let’s Start Tinkering use our Kits and make various type of Robots and be a Tinker.

Let’s Play

Let’s participate in various Robotics events by using our Robotics Kit.

Our Services

We are continuously working on providing kids a batter platform to learn, Win and Explore so they can be STEAM & AI ready.

Evolving learners to make world Techno-Ready.

We Train Upcoming Technologies to School Students so they can be Techno-Ready That’s Why we came with a Concept of Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics in Schools with Relating these terms with Artificial Intelligence.

Who are We?

We are educationalist our mission is to create an innovative base for students and make more and more curious minds.

MekArT Lab

STEM learning Kits

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TinKiT Sr.

A Tinkering Kit for age group 8 to 18 

TinKiT is one of our Tinkering KiT by which any curious child can learn 72+ STEM Models and can make more then that by itself.



Mechanica goes with power of Mechanical Structures.



Basic Electronics component like display, IC, Switch Come in it.

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Component Details

TinKiT is Divided in 4 parts of Learning STEM.


4 Streams in 1

Mechanica + Electrica + Electronica + Programa come in 1 Kit



Electrica refers to electric discharge like lightening.



Micro controller and their sensors and Motor driver come in it.


For providing batter learning to Kid we have these features in our TinKiT


Separated fields for batter discovery.

Learning Content

Our TinKiT has 72+ learning content in animation Format so student can learn Step by Step.

Quick Tests

After each 4 Activities so a student can learn and challenge itself for new innovations.