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We provide variety of services to help Students to learn Tech level skills to be a Future-Ready Technical Artist. That's why we provide them a Next level STEM Lab, STEM Trainers in Schools and Coding trainers.

About Us

Who are we? Mek-tricals

We at Mektricals Belives that everyone can do Tricks with machines if given the right direction That's why we Provide Sevices to learn and Practice Coding With Experienced Trainers and do tinkering with TinKit to make wonderful innovations

Our Services

Services & Products

  • STEM & Robotics

    STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics is the base of any innovation and that's why we support students to learn STEM with unique teaching pattern, in which we differnt Topics like:

    IOT: Internet of Things Robotics Aeronautics & Drone 3D-Printing Bio-Med & Automobile Electronics

    We Provide entire Lab STEM & Robotics Lab Setup in Primary, Higher Schools and Senior Secondary Schools.

  • Training

    We are the Technology Trainers we provide Training in Schools and Institutes to their Students and Teachers so They can be Techno-Ready and come up with new innovations with Students. We train with multiple Technologies:

    Visual Coding Python Programming AI Training AR & VR Technologies 3D-Printing Robotics Aeronautics IOT STEM

    We also train teachers if they are eager to train their students about technologies and their various aspects.

  • Content

    We provide content and course curriculum according to grades to students and divided into 3 major Categories: Junior, Middle, Senior. Also we deliver this Content without Mek-Art Lab Setups so school teachers can teach with the help of that.

    Artificial Intelligence Coding AR & VR Technologies STEM Robotics & IOT Aeronautics

    Our Trainers teach according to this content to schools according to their grades and schools can also take benefit from this.

  • TinKiTs

    Tinkits are basically tinkering kits for students to Tinker new innovations, innovative minds are also curious, this kind of kits provides them a path towards innovation and help them to solve real life problems with trending Technologies like, Robotics, IOT, Autonomous Machines with Mobile applications. We have variety of Tinkit Range according to age groups:

    Tinkit Sr. OTTO Bot Tinkit Jr. Tinkit Pro TinKit 2 in 1 DIY Drone

    These tinkit are useful for different age groups and have different Mechanical, Electronic, Electric, Sensors, Microcontrollers and operates on different programming language like Python, VPL, C.

  • Coding

    Coding helps in improving logics and it also gives multiple unique ways to solve real life problems, that’s we teach coding to make our students techno-ready with problem solving attitude. We teach variety of Languages and frameworks like,

    Machine & Deep Learning Python Visual Programming Flutter & Native JavaScript & Node C, C++, C# JAVA & Kotlin HTML & CSS

    These are the languages that are in demand to make multiple trending Technology, also our Students learn about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

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